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15 Collections 85 Products
Conquest collection with 17 products
Conquest 17 products    
Conquest Classic collection with 5 products
Conquest Classic 5 products    
Conquest V.H.P collection with 4 products
Conquest V.H.P 4 products    
Elegant collection with 5 products
Elegant 5 products    
Flagship collection with 7 products
Flagship 7 products    
Heritage collection with 4 products
Heritage 4 products    
HydroConquest collection with 10 products
HydroConquest 10 products    
Longines DolceVita collection with 1 products
Longines DolceVita 1 product    
Longines Evidenza collection with 1 products
Longines Evidenza 1 product    
Longines Symphonette collection with 2 products
Longines Symphonette 2 products    
Presence collection with 2 products
Presence 2 products    
PrimaLuna collection with 2 products
PrimaLuna 2 products    
Record collection with 3 products
Record 3 products    
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Since 1832 Longines can boast a watchmaking heritage forged in tradition, elegance and performance. Shulan's Fairlawn Jewelers is an Authorized Longines Retailer.