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Contessina  collection with 1 products
1 product
Lady Diana  collection with 1 products
Lady Diana
1 product
Sinclair Gold  collection with 1 products
Sinclair Gold
1 product
Baby and Child Sterling Giftware
Infant Feeding Spoons collection with 5 products
Infant Feeding Spoons
5 products
2 Piece Baby Sets collection with 5 products
2 Piece Baby Sets
5 products
3 Piece Child Sets  collection with 5 products
3 Piece Child Sets
5 products
Sterling Silver Flatware
Chippendale collection with 65 products
65 products
French Provincial collection with 66 products
French Provincial
66 products
Grand Duchess collection with 48 products
Grand Duchess
48 products
King Richard collection with 65 products
King Richard
65 products
Old Master collection with 71 products
Old Master
71 products
Old Newbury collection with 54 products
Old Newbury
54 products
Queen Elizabeth I collection with 54 products
Queen Elizabeth I
54 products
Stainless Steel Flatware
Beaded Antique collection with 1 products
Beaded Antique
1 product
Boston Antique collection with 1 products
Boston Antique
1 product
Hammersmith collection with 1 products
1 product
London Shell collection with 1 products
London Shell
1 product
Massimo  collection with 1 products
1 product
Vince  collection with 1 products
1 product
Silver Plated Flatware
Lockhart  collection with 1 products
1 product
Savannah collection with 1 products
1 product
Towle Living Stainless Steel Flatware
Dream collection with 1 products
1 product
Luxor collection with 2 products
2 products
Stephanie collection with 2 products
2 products
Texture collection with 1 products
1 product
Wave  collection with 2 products
2 products
Entertaining Serveware
Hammersmith Serveware collection with 16 products
Hammersmith Serveware
16 products
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One of America's oldest, most respected brands, the Towle™ Silversmiths name dates back to a small colonial silversmith in 1690 Massachusetts. Since then, Towle sterling silver, silver-plated and stainless steel products have been appreciated across the country for their beauty and extraordinary quality. Towle offers a comprehensive collection of ...... Read More